Boone Hall Plantation

Visiting a plantation is something that I only need to experience once in my lifetime. I went to Boone Hall Plantation based on recommendations from some locals. The grounds were beautiful! But the longer I was there…the more uncomfortable I became. I was one of only 3 black people, the other black woman worked there as a story teller amd the third was her husband who came to pick her up from work lol 

She put on quite a show at The Gullah Theatre. There was audience participation in this little presentation and I volunteered. It was kind of weird. They sang negro spirituals…which I didn’t participate in…it just felt strange. 

I visited all of the slave quarters, which were tiny and uber cramped. I took a tour around the grounds. To me the guides made it seem like the slaves had it good by living on these grounds, and we all know that wasn’t the case. 

I’m glad I got to see it, but in the same breath I wish I never saw it.


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